Who We Are

Since their early childhood, gastronomy has united these friends. Always in search of a delight for the palate.


In their quest for new tastes, the discovery of the truffle several years ago made them demanding on the qualities of the terroir.

One day of tasting, the three friends thought about developing and disseminating this musky taste. They found it unfair that this product, which had remained jealously guarded in France, was not or hardly present internationally. Its secrets remain fiercely guarded and are passed on only from father to son.
Mindful to offer their customers 100% French and organic truffles of exceptional quality, their choice fell on the export of the best of their land and gastronomic treasure throughout the world.
MAISON MUSQUEE is the result of their collaboration.
The MAISON MUSQUEE French truffles that we offer are the result of many years of meticulous work, listening to nature and the seasons, to root out this true culinary gem from the French terroir.
The Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur region is famous for its ancestral and traditional culture of truffles as well as its wine and historical heritage. MAISON MUSQUEE guarantees the authenticity of the product, truffle culture is a traditional know-how mastered for many generations in this part of France.
Let yourself be tempted by a culinary journey experience from home that will instantly transport you to the tables of the great barons of Provence. You will even hear the sound of cicadas as long as you strain your ears and can smell the sweet scent of Scots pine mixed with aromas of lavender and rosemary. Go ahead and give yourself the chance to experience the sensory journey of your life.
MAISON MUSQUEE works by your side every day for you the best French truffle.